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Apply to I-20
Finally, I got some documents, and sent them to principal of the language school today.
I talked to him a few weeks ago, I wanted to talk to him about many things. I had clear my some problems and he is very kind to me.

When I went to that school start of this year about 8weeks, a principal and me talked a lot about picture.
He likes taking picture too, and he has a good camera.

I went to Upper Antelope canyon in this summer. Actually,he recommended in there before.
And he went there this summer too.

For now,
I sent a principal's email a bank statement, copy of my passport and more detail...
Maybe, he will be sending to me very important paper a few weeks later.
I'm looking forward to receiving that paper...

I still don't tell to my boss about quit my job... I have to say it early but I didn't.
In this year, my boss still doesn't ask vacation of Winter season.
Last year, he already asked me about that, but he still hasn't asked me yet...WHY???

I have a little worry about that, I'm waiting for my boss to ask me recently...

That's all for today! Bye-bye!!

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